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Shenguang Group's 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat Meeting Held

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2023 Strategic Discussion

Recently, the 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat Meeting of Shenguang Group was organized and held. Chairman Jia Bingwei, General Manager Feng Jing, Director Zhu Xiaojie, and Shenguang Core Management Team and Hongruibo Management Advisor Nie Jiao attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by General Manager Feng Jing, emphasizing the importance and particularity of this meeting. Chairman Jia Bingwei gave an introductory speech, stating that strategic planning is an important part of enterprise development. Faced with fierce market competition and complex external environment, Shenguang people need to have the ability to compete with experts. Through this meeting, the goal of "cohesion and consensus" can be successfully achieved.

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Management consultant Nie Jiao introduced the theme of the meeting with the theme of "The Rebirth of the Eagle", and the topics were discussed in a team collaboration manner, reaching consensus through collective discussions.

To help the management team understand the external competitive environment, Fu Jiang, the general manager of the marketing center, shared industry dynamic information on participating in the 24th Shenzhen Light Expo at the meeting. Regarding the topic, the attendees conducted group discussions, had sufficient communication, made enthusiastic speeches, and continuously focused on the problems and solutions in the company's development, providing many constructive opinions and suggestions.


Director Zhu Xiaojie of Shenguang participated in this meeting and encouraged Shenguang to seize the time window, consolidate the foundation, unite as one, and face challenges and opportunities together.

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General Manager Feng Jing fully affirmed the research results of this meeting and suggested further implementing the research results, refining and sorting out business layout, organizational shaping, and control models, in order to better achieve strategic implementation.

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Finally, the Chairman of the Group gave important instructions to clarify the direction and strategy of Shenguang's business, adhere to the key strategy of Shenguang, adhere to customer orientation, and build a standardized management system that is procedural and digital.

After the meeting, the management team carried out team building activities, and the participants were divided into groups to participate in a mountain climbing PK competition. The mountain is high and the road is steep, and team members support each other and compete with each other. They participate in activities with the spirit of mission determination and striving for the first place bravely, just like the consistent corporate culture of Shenguang - seeking truth and innovation, with lofty aspirations.

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Cohesion promotes development and sets sail for a new journey. Faced with the fierce market competition environment, the company's management has made a plan to move forward, opening a new chapter in the changing situation, and is committed to winning the future with sustainable and high-quality development. I believe that all Shenguang people will unite and work hard to achieve the company's strategic goals!


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