Display panel product application field

Display panel product application field

LCD substrate

LCD substrate

Mask substrate for flat panel display usually consists of quartz substrate and functional materials deposited on it.

Product Introduction

Mask plate is the graphic transfer master in the process of microelectronics manufacturing, which is the carrier of intellectual property information such as graphic design and process technology. It is an important key material in the production and manufacturing process of flat panel display, touch control, circuit board and other industries, and it is the key part of the production process articulation in the downstream display panel batch manufacturing industry, and one of the determinants of downstream product precision and quality.

Product Advantages

  • ppb level impurity content control to achieve excellent optical transmission properties;

  • Multi-stage precision stress control ensures excellent optical uniformity of the material;

  • Ultra-precise combustion control realizes "zero" hundred nanometer opacity;

  • Precision thermoforming technology inhibits internal air bubbles, achieving "zero" micron-level bubbles;

  • High Transmittance
    Narrow Absorption Peaks
  • High Resistance To Radiation
  • Good Optical Performance
    Covering UV To IR

Performance Parameter

Important Key Indicators
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Flatness Specifications


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