Application Field Of Quartz Glass Products

Application Field Of Quartz Glass Products

As an important material quartz glass is widely used in optical communication aerospace electric light source semiconductor optical new technology national major special projects and defense industry.
Synthetic quartz ingot material

Synthetic quartz ingot material

Suitable for applications in industries such as semiconductors and photovoltaics.
The company adopts high-quality natural quartz sand and electric fused quartz ingots manufactured through independent technology, which can meet the strict requirements of semiconductor, photovoltaic, industrial and other industries for quartz materials. We provide customers with high-quality, stable, and customizable large-sized quartz materials and products.

Product Introduction

The purity of synthetic quartz glass is as high as 99.9999%, and its excellent optical, mechanical, and thermal properties make quartz glass an indispensable material for manufacturing high-tech products.

  • Quartz round ingots



    Application Area

    Semiconductor photovoltaic industrial etc.

    Typical Dimensions (mm)


    Product Features

    High purity low OH content and bubble rate good high-temperature performance

Product Advantages

After more than 20 years of technological research and process exploration, the company's melting quartz technology has reached a leading position in China, with most product indicators reaching international advanced levels. In particular, the optical non-uniformity index of UV optical quartz glass is the first in the industry in China to achieve a level within 2 (1.985×10^-6), and the non-uniformity index stability of existing products can be maintained within 4.

  • a. The company pioneered the vertical single-lamp integrated deposition system, which integrates raw material pretreatment, reaction synthesis, and quartz growth modules.

  • b. Super-precise combustion control and liquid evaporation create a constant flow field to ensure high purity.

  • c. Excellent matching between the combustion chamber’s thermal field and the advanced deposition furnace's temperature field creates optimal synthesis interfaces and product cross-sections.

  • d. Advanced automation control enables consistent axial growth and axial symmetry.

  • e. Defect distribution after lateral extension is suppressed, and secondary defects are improved through precise trough thermal shaping.

  • f. Independent development of multi-stage precision annealing process reduces the impact of stress.

  • Pure high corrosion resistance
  • High Softening Temperature
    High Heat Resistance
  • Low Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
  • High Transmittance
    Narrow Absorption Peaks
  • High Resistance To Radiation
    High Resistance To Radiation
  • Good Optical Performance
    Covering UV To IR

Performance Parameter

Impurity Content(ppm)


Mechanical Property


Electrical Properties


Thermal Properties


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