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2023. Future Star | Shenguang Optics Group won the "Growth Potential Award"

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Future Congress

Technology has no boundaries - intelligence, green, and integration

Futre Covention

On October 12th, the 2023 Future Conference series activities with the theme of "Technology Boundless - Intelligence, Green, and Integration" were held in Chengdu. The conference was hosted by the Sichuan Business Association and the Sichuan Business Enterprise Development Strategy Research Institute, and jointly hosted by the Chengdu Branch of Bank of Shanghai, Guojin Securities, Boyuan Capital, Deloitte China, and Taihe Tai Law Firm. Daily Economic News was the co hosting media.


As a highly iconic and professional annual event in the field of Sichuan business technology innovation, the Future Conference has been successfully held for three times. The conference is positioned as the "wind vane" of Sichuan's technology business card, new economy, and future economy, aiming to create an innovation and development exchange event led by internationally and domestically renowned leading enterprises, with the participation of innovative enterprises, investment institutions, universities, innovation think tanks, business associations, and other parties.

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This year's Future Conference series of activities has set up three major industry forums, including Shao Junpeng, Regional Director of the Western Base of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Li Xiaobo, General Manager of Ceyuan Capital and Chairman of Chengdu New Economy Venture Capital, and Liang Wenchao, CEO of the Western Region of Noah's domestic financial management sector, Sharing around the three major topics of "Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Attribute and the Road to IPO Development", "Looking for Future Opportunities from Economic Structure Transformation", and "Financial Market Outlook and Global Layout in the Second Half of 2023", this will bring about closed door exchanges on industry trends, IPO development, and capability leap, helping entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to deeply understand the domestic and international economic situation and grasp the path to IPO development in the era of registration system, Better formulation of corporate capital strategies, etc.

At the main forum of the Future Conference, the highly anticipated "2023 Future Star TOP20" list was unveiled at the conference. It is worth mentioning that the conference released the two major awards of Future Star for the first time - New Innovation Award and Growth Potential Award. Shenguang Group stood out among a group of scientific and technological innovation enterprises and won the "2023 Future Star - Growth Potential Award".

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Technological self-reliance and innovation change the future. Shenguang Optics Group always adheres to the national strategy as the leadership, takes breaking through key core technologies, achieving import substitution as its own responsibility, and promotes sustainable development of the enterprise through technological innovation. In the future, Shenguang will continue to steadily move forward on the path of scientific and technological innovation, and further achieve success!